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"The Enemy of Art is the Absence of Limitations."  - Orson Welles

From the seed, from the center, springs all life, all creation. We begin with a word, and that word grows into a sentence, and that sentence to a paragraph until a concept has been born. Until a story has been told. All other elements of the creative process revolve around that nucleus of an idea. And without that idea, there can be nothing beyond.


The Center of Mass is the wellspring, the fountainhead from which creativity flows outward, spiraling with reaching arms until it grasps at all the elements it requires to manifest itself into existence. For some it can be a slow creeping up the back of the spine, and for others a sudden bolt of fire that cannot be doused.

No matter how inspiration finds us, or how hard we must work to cultivate it, we are prepared. We are here to nurture those seedlings from their first nascent sprouting to the great, gargantuan behemoths that they may become. With a storyteller's passion that belies all we do, the Center of Mass seeks to shepherd this creativity and display it for all the eyes of the world to see.


We are a team of creatives who are here to translate our stories to all screens, great and small. No matter the manner in which a story is told, we are driven and focused upon seeing not only our own work blossomed, but in the promotion of, and collaboration with, peoples from all walks of life. We've been at this a long time, with a combined fifty years experience in film and television, as well as branching into interactive and literary fields.

As a production company, and creative nexus, we seek to eschew outmoded traditions and open ourselves to all possibilities that this business has to offer. We want to tell our stories, indeed, but we want to tell yours as well. Putting aside any selfish instincts, we firmly believe that open and transparent collaboration is the way forward from here. Together, we can bring our unique and innovative vision to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

A new paradigm is upon us, and in the ever-shifting landscape of entertainment, one must be flexible and adaptable, or risk being dragged under into the abyssal depths.

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